Re: Complaint about return code convention in queue_work() etc.

From: Alan Stern
Date: Sun Aug 20 2006 - 12:55:31 EST

On Sun, 20 Aug 2006, Jan Engelhardt wrote:

> >Mixing up these two sorts of representations is a fertile source of
> >difficult-to-find bugs. If the C language included a strong distinction
> >between integers and booleans then the compiler would find these mistakes
> >for us... but it doesn't.
> Recently introduced "bool".

I haven't seen the new definition of "bool", but it can't possibly provide
a strong distinction between integers and booleans. That is, if x is
declared as an integer rather than as a bool, the compiler won't complain
about "if (x) ...".

On Sun, 20 Aug 2006, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> yeah, lets just flip the logic over, but combined with a rename so that
> we dont surprise not-yet-in-tree code [and documentation/books].
> queue_work() -> add_work() or something like that.

How about add_work_to_q() instead of queue_work() and add_work() instead
of schedule_work()?

Alan Stern

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