Re: 2.6.18-rc4-mm2

From: Maciej Rutecki
Date: Sun Aug 20 2006 - 09:21:46 EST

Andrew Morton napisaÅ(a):

Error while compile ("make all" command):

CC [M] fs/afs/file.o
fs/afs/file.c: In function 'afs_file_releasepage':
fs/afs/file.c:332: error: 'struct afs_vnode' has no member named 'cache'
make[2]: *** [fs/afs/file.o] BÅÄd 1
make[1]: *** [fs/afs] BÅÄd 2
make: *** [fs] BÅÄd 2

I download sources 2 times, and I have this error.

Maciej Rutecki <maciej.rutecki@xxxxxxxxx>
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