IDE issues booting a gigabyte p965-dq6 motherboard

From: Shane
Date: Sat Aug 19 2006 - 23:23:16 EST

Hey all,

Has anyone had success booting a Gigabyte p965-DQ6
motherboard? I've tried a GRML CD but the initrd can't
find its CDROM. Actually it doesn't seem to find any of
the PATA/sata hardware. My Debian initrd (2.6.18-rc4) sees
the ahci hosts but the system locks during the AHCI driver
loading bit. Just wondering if there is anything more
fleeding edge out there for ATA drivers without going to

I believe this is an ich8r controler, ich8 I believe is
supported but couldn't find reference to ich8r. I do have
the raid disabled and have tried legacy ide mode.


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