From: Willy Tarreau
Date: Sat Aug 19 2006 - 10:20:26 EST

Hi !

As there were a few security fixes pending and 2.4.34-pre1 has not
received enough validation, I've released with the most
important fixes. All those fixes are already in 2.4.34-pre1.

Particularly important ones are :
- CVE-2006-1528 : local DoS via direct I/O from the sg driver to mmapped I/O space
fix from Dann Frazier
- CVE-2006-4093 : possible local DoS on some PPC970.
fix from Olof Johansson

Hotfix patches for older versions should follow within a short time.


Summary of changes from v2.4.33 to v2.4.33.1

dann frazier:
drivers/scsi/sg.c : fix CVE-2006-1528

Jeff Layton:
2.4 NFS client - update d_cache when server reports ENOENT on an NFS remove

Willy Tarreau:
[BLKMTD] : missing offset sometimes causes panics
[PKTGEN] : fix an oops when used with bonding driver (Tien ChenLi)
export memchr() which is used by smbfs and lp driver.
powerpc: Clear HID0 attention enable on PPC970 at boot time
Change VERSION to

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