Re: And another Oops / BUG? ( on VIA Epia CL6000)

From: Folkert van Heusden
Date: Fri Aug 18 2006 - 20:56:05 EST

> > From: Udo van den Heuvel <udovdh@xxxxxxxxx>
> > Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 17:28:52 +0200
> >> Since 2.6.17.x my kernel Oopses every few days. Bewlo is the log.
> > Contact whoever you got this "pptp_gre.c" source file from.
> > It's not in the vanilla kernel, therefore we can't help you
> > debug the problem.
> pptpd is needed for my adsl connection.
> pppd runs over it.
> it is not part of the kernel.

Nope, you don't need it. Plain vanilla kernel will work fine with the
pptp connection to your adsl modem (got the same situation over here).

Folkert van Heusden

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