Re: [RFC][PATCH 2/7] UBC: core (structures, API)

From: Rohit Seth
Date: Fri Aug 18 2006 - 13:50:29 EST

On Fri, 2006-08-18 at 15:14 +0400, Kirill Korotaev wrote:

> >>2. if you think a bit more about it, adding UB parameters doesn't
> >> require user space changes as well.
> >>3. it is possible to add any kind of interface for UBC. but do you like the idea
> >> to grep 200(containers)x20(parameters) files for getting current usages?
> >
> >
> > How are you doing it currently and how much more efficient it is in
> > comparison to configfs?
> currently it is done with a single file read.
> you can grep it, sum up resources or do what ever you want from bash.
> what is important! you can check whether container hits its limits
> with a single command, while with configs you would have to look through
> 20 files...

I think configfs provides all the required functionality that you
listed. You can define the attributes in a such a away that it prints
all the information that you need in one single read operation (I think
the limit is PAGE_SIZE....which is kind of sad).

I've just started playing with configfs for a container implementation
that I'm trying to get a better idea of details.

> IMHO it is convinient to have a text file representing the whole information state
> and system call for applications.

There should be an easy interface for shell to be able to do the needful
as well, for example, set the limits.


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