InfiniBand merge plans for 2.6.19

From: Roland Dreier
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 16:12:31 EST

Here's a short summary of what I plan to merge for 2.6.19. Some of
this is already in infiniband.git[1], while some still needs to be
merged up. Highlights:

o iWARP core support[2]. This updates drivers/infiniband to work
with devices that do RDMA over IP/ethernet in addition to
InfiniBand devices. As a first user of this support, I also
plan to merge the amso1100[3] driver for Ammasso RNIC.

I will post this for review one more time after I pull it into
my git tree for last minute cleanups. But if you feel this
iWARP support should not be merged, please let me know why now.

o IBM eHCA driver, which supports IBM pSeries-specific InfiniBand
hardware. This is in the ehca branch of infiniband.git, and I
will post it for review one more time. My feeling is that more
cleanups are certainly possible, but this driver is "good
enough to merge" now and has languished out of tree for long
enough. I'm certainly happy to merge cleanup patches, though.

o mmap()ed userspace work queues for ipath. This is a
performance enhancement for QLogic/PathScale HCAs but it does
touch core stuff in minor ways. Should not be controversial.

o I also have the following minor changes queued in the
for-2.6.19 branch of infiniband.git:

Ishai Rabinovitz:
IB/srp: Add port/device attributes

James Lentini:
IB/mthca: Include the header we really want

Michael S. Tsirkin:
IB/mthca: Don't use privileged UAR for kernel access
IB/ipoib: Fix flush/start xmit race (from code review)

Roland Dreier:
IB/uverbs: Use idr_read_cq() where appropriate
IB/uverbs: Fix lockdep warning when QP is created with 2 CQs

[1] git://
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