GadgetFS AIO problem

From: shankar
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 12:44:57 EST

Hi Greg,
This is regarding debugging a problem in GadgetFS AIO functionality. I'm
working on an developing a USB user space driver on top of the GadgetFS
Driver on Linux Kernel version 2.6.10. I'm using the AIO support of the
GadgetFS driver in my design. When I make a io_getevents call from the
user space, it hangs and never returns. I see that there is a patch
released to fix this on 2.6.17 kernel
( I
tried applying the following of patches in the same order as mentioned

usb-gadgetfs-highspeed-bugfix.patch (all the Hunks succeed)
gadgetfs-fix-memory-leaks.patch (2 out of 6 Hunks, #4 and #6 FAILED)
gadgetfs-fix-aio-interface-bugs.patch (all the Hunks succeed)

After applying the patches, I get some memory faults when the io_submit is
called. But the io_getevetns returns without reading any data. I don't
know whether it matters, but the libaio version that I use is

Please advice me on whether I'm applying the patches in the correct order
or am I missing something here. If some one can give me a direction on how
to go about fixing this, it would be great.

Please mark a copy of your reply to my email id: shankar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks and Regards,

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