Re: GPL Violation?

From: Stefan Richter
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 12:12:47 EST

linux-os (Dick Johnson) wrote:
> "Talk to a lawyer..." Good copout.
> It's all about managing risk. Lawyers want to minimize risk,
> accountants want to eliminate risk, engineers want to analyze
> risk, and entrepreneurs want to manage risk. Software engineers
> have a better "handle" on the risk analysis than the lawyers.
> Let them be heard.

You can do reliability analysis in mechanics (given the necessary data
are available). But you can't do so in jurisprudence. There are
differences between jurisprudence and mathematics and physics.

Of course somebody doesn't need to consult lawyers if he doesn't have
doubts about his compliance to law or if he can live with any such
doubts. The original poster seemed to want to clear up doubts.
Stefan Richter
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