Re: Touchpad problems with latest kernels

From: Dmitry Torokhov
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 11:25:57 EST

On 8/17/06, Luke Sharkey <lukesharkey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Seeing as Linux is less easily controlled with the keyboard compared
> > MS-Windows,
>Careful, you are threading dangerous waters here ;)

Well, I wasn't trying to be inflammatory. It's just that Microsoft seems to
make such a big deal of how their OS can be controlled solely from keyboard.

I guess there is a difference as to what you call controlling. You
probably mean that in Windows is is easier to navigate GUI with
keyboard whereas I mean that in Linux or Unix you just start a
terminal program and do all necessary setup from within it (with
keyboard ;) )

>Alt-F1 does it though

Thanks for that.

>Oh, another one... try booting with "ec_intr=0" on the kernel command line
>to disable embedded controller interrupt mode.

I tried this. Was this meant to cause a major improvement in mouse control?
If there *was* a difference, it was only subtle. I'd have to boot in to
the kernel with and without this option a few times to see whether it truly
makes a difference or not.

Well, it was just a thing to try. On some boxes interrupt mode of EC
was reported to hurt mice, while on others there was no effect or even
was an improvement.

>And finally, can I mples get a dmesg (or /var/log/messages) of boot with
>"i8042.debug=1 log_buf_len=131072" please?

Yes. Here is the output of dmesg with "i8042.debug=1 log_buf_len=131072"
appended to the kernel line:

Hmm, don't see anything bad happening here.. Could you please send me
your /var/log/messages (still after booting with i8042.debug=1
log_buf_len=131072)? You should probably spare other people's
mailboxes and send it to me directly... Or put it on FTP somewhere.


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