Re: /dev/sd*

From: Lee Trager
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 04:27:17 EST

Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>>>> AFAIR long ago Linus said he'd like just one major number (and thus only
>>>> one naming scheme) for every disk in the system; with /dev/sd* we're now
>>>> getting there.
>>> Yep. /dev/disk is a long term goal :)
>> I agree with Adrian, users are going to get confused if their devices
>> are named something different once they switch to this new interface. So
>> if we're going to confusing them why not just take the big leap and
>> switch it over to /dev/disk? It seems to make more sense then to have
>> all IDE and SATA users use /dev/sda for awhile only to down the road
>> have to to switch to /dev/disk.
> In the process, we can rename the then-"generic disk" (scsi ide whatever)
> back to "hd*" since that actually expands to Hard Disk.
> (If I would have known a lot earlier about Linux I would have proposed
> "id*" for the IDE disks.)
> Jan Engelhardt
Actually that does make more sense then using disk. So I guess we're
back to square one. Personally I don't think its that big of a deal, all
you have to do is change fstab and grub or lilo. My main concern is for
the less advanced Linux users.
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