RE: Relation between free() and remove_vm_struct()

From: Abu M. Muttalib
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 03:49:18 EST

Hi Arjan,

Thnax for your reply.

> second of all, glibc delays freeing of some memory (in the brk() area)
> to optimize for cases of frequent malloc/free operations, so that it
> doesn't have to go to the kernel all the time (and a free would imply a
> cross cpu TLB invalidate which is *expensive*, so batching those up is a
> really good thing for performance)

As per my observation, in two scenarios that I have tried, in one scenario I
am able to see the prints from remove_vm_struct(), but in the other
scenario, I don't see any prints from remove_vm_strcut().

My question is, if there is delayed freeing of virtual address space, it
should be the same in both the scenarios, but its not the case, and this
behavior is consistent for my two scenarios, i.e.. in one I am able to see
the kernel prints and in other I am not, respectively.

Note: I am using glib-2.0-arm.


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