Re: Removing of UTS_RELEASE in include/linux/version.h

From: Sam Ravnborg
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 00:50:14 EST

On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 05:46:06PM -0700, Ping Cheng wrote:
> Hi Sam,
> I was told that the removing of UTS_RELEASE in include/linux/version.h is
> permanent. I use it in my configuration script to get the version
> numbers of different kernel build sources. Greg k-h told me to ask you
> about how to properly get the kernel source version.
> Do you have any suggestions?
For a propely configured kernel you can use 'make kernelrelease' which
will give you the same as UTS_RELEASE.

To get kernel version alone you can use 'make kernelversion'.

In a source file to be backward compatible you can use:
#include <linux/version.h>
#include <linux/uts_release.h>

But in general using UTS_RELEASE in source is almost a sign of something
For a module the UTS_RELEASE is retreiveable with modinfo.

> Please don't forget to cc me directly since I am not in the mailing list.
And likewise. Address me directly next time with cc: to lkml. I may miss
lkml mails.

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