From: catastrophe
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 21:15:03 EST

Play successful on skyrocketing stoock markets

Fellow Invvestor, big news are hitting on thursday for AG AO!!!

Somebody knows AGA O on the radar!!!

Get ready for a volatile 2nd half of 2006 - one where the Bulls and
Bears will BOTH be proved wrong. But odds are, we'll see another
year where the mraket indexes bounce around a lot without really going anywhere. And we'll also see certain sectors - favored at this point in the economic cycle - SOAR...

Own the right stockss, in the right space, and you could reap a
handful of money-doublers. But if you own the wrong investment, you could easly lose 25%-35% or more!

Here is my Favorite Pick for the second half of 2006: AGA O!!!

Tradde Alret: Thursday, August 17, 2006
Sotck: AGA O
Currrent PPrice: $1.69
1 Week Target: $4.10
Expectations: Max

When this Sotck moves - watch out! This is your chance to get in
the low. Big watch in play this Thursday morning! Out A GAO on your
radar's now and reap the benefits early.

There is a massive promotion underway this Thursday, August 17
apprising potential eager inveestors of this emerging situation.
When this sotck moves - watch out! stooocks wee pprofile shoow aa significcant inncrease iin sttock pricee sometimes in days, not months or years, remember this is a sstrong pplay.

Massive news for A GAO this thursday! AGA O is a big mover in the SOTCK MAREKT!!!

Laughter is the closest distance between two people A crowd is not company. . Keep your friends close but your enemies closer Vice nah hurt but conscience ah hurt yuh. There is always some madness in love But there is also always some reason in madness .

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