Re: Linux time code

From: Oleg Verych
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 10:34:27 EST

Ulrich Windl wrote:
Hi everybody!

I've been viewing recent changes to the Linux kernel (specifically to, and I felt I'll have to say something:

First there's a new routine in kernel/time.c named "set_normalized_timespec()".
Sorry if you don't like that kind of message, but I just had to say that. It seems the time subsystem is already so complex that people are just adding new code instead of considering redesign or reuse of the existing code.

As far as i can see here's "return -ENOPATCH;" kind of mail list.
Did you read and consider cooperation with authors of:

"We Are Not Getting Any Younger: A New Approach to Time and Timers"

"Hrtimers and Beyond: Transforming the Linux Time"
Subsystems <> ?


#oo'L O
<___=E M

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