Re: Touchpad problems with latest kernels

From: Luke Sharkey
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 09:57:17 EST


Ok, there seems to be two distinct issues here. 1) Synaptics
'supersensitive' mode, 2) pointer 'freezing'.
Hmmm... perhaps "jerky" was the wrong choice of word. I don't at all mean I've had a supersensitive touchpad: quite the opposite. What I was trying to convey was the fact that when my pointer freezes, sometimes it becomes unfrozen again suddenly (for a brief time) and then moves forward a little, then gets stuck again, and in this way is "jerky". So not supersensitivity. (Apologies for any confusion).

The trick is to have a terminal open and then do alt-tab (presuming that it does not unfreeze the pointer)

Yes, I've been doing that as a worthwhile precaution. Sometimes the pointer seems to get so stuck even when I plug in a normal mouse, it remains frozen. Seeing as Linux is less easily controlled with the keyboard compared to MS-Windows, sometimes all I can do is Alt-tab to the terminal window and do a command line reboot.

(Off topic question: why not have the K menu open when the "MS-Windows" button on the keyboard is pressed, as happens with the "Start" button on MS-windows?)

*However*, I have noticed that sometimes when I alt-tab between any windows / programs I have open, sometimes the pointer becomes unstuck again...

Also, is there programs that poll status of your battery or monitor box's temperature?

Battery charge level, yes, but not the box's temperature. I have tried lots of apps to try and do this, e.g. gkrellm, but there is no support for this on my laptop. Besides, these problems often evidence themselves soon after I switch on, so I don't think laptop temperature would still be a problem that early. Also, I rip the occasional DVD, sometimes leaving my computer on for 5+ hours: it doesn't overheat.

Oh, another one... try booting with "ec_intr=0" on the kernel command line to disable embedded controller interrupt mode.

And finally, can I mples get a dmesg (or /var/log/messages) of boot with "i8042.debug=1 log_buf_len=131072" please?

Thank you for the suggestions. I will try the kernel option, and post the results of the error log.


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