Re: bonding: cannot remove certain named devices

From: Giacomo A. Catenazzi
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 09:56:51 EST

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Giacomo A. Catenazzi (cate@xxxxxxxxxx) said:
Are you willing to work to add the special case code necessary to
handle whitespace characters in the device name over all of the kernel
code and also all of the userland tools too?
But if you don't handle spaces in userspace, you handle *, ?, [, ], $,
", ', \ in userspace? Should kernel disable also these (insane device
chars) chars?

Don't forget unicode characters!

Seriously, while it might be insane to use some of these, I'm wondering
if trying to filter names is more work than fixing the tools.

Fixing tools in always the good approach, and I think in this case wrong
code is really a security problem. IMHO kernel cannot filter all bad strings.
So, if for the kernel part it is better to filter spaces, ok!
But we should use this user space problems as the motivation to filter


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