Linux 2.6.11

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 03:01:55 EST

there it is. Only small stuff lately - as promised. Shortlog from -rc5
appended, nothing exciting there, mostly some fixes from various code
checkers (like fixed init sections, and some coverity tool finds).

So it's now _officially_ all bug-free.


Summary of changes from v2.6.11-rc5 to v2.6.11

o [SERIAL] drivers/serial/*: convert to pci_register_driver

o prism54 not releasing region

Alex Williamson:
o [SERIAL] 8250 woraround for buggy uart

Alexander Nyberg:
o SELinux: Leak in error path
o SELinux: null dereference in error path

Andrea Arcangeli:
o Make the new merged pipe writes check for SIGPIPE

Andrew Morton:
o binfmt_elf build fix
o [IA64] ia64 audit build fix
o genhd: NULL checking fix

Andries E. Brouwer:
o __devinitdata in parport_pc
o __init in cfq-iosched.c
o remove __initdata in scsi_devinfo.c
o __initdata in apic.c
o more apic.c

Aurelien Jarno:
o USB: Fix usbfs regression

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
o [ide] fix build for built-in hpt366 and modular ide-disk
o [ide] fix IRQ masking in ide_do_request()

Ben Dooks:
o [ARM PATCH] 2498/1: CREDITS - add Ben Dooks
o [ARM PATCH] 2505/1: Remove FTVPCI from debug code

Bjorn Helgaas:
o [SERIAL] discover PNP ports before PCI, etc
o [SERIAL] add TP560 data/fax/modem support

Chris Wright:
o fix audit inode filter
o send audit reply to correct socket

David Gibson:
o ppc64: hugepage hash flushing bugfix

David Howells:
o Make keyctl(KEYCTL_JOIN_SESSION_KEYRING) use the correct arg

David S. Miller:
o [IPV4]: Fix lost routes in fn_hash netlink dumps

Dmitry Torokhov:
o Input: add more PNP IDs to i8042 driver

Greg Kroah-Hartman:
o sysfs: fix signedness problem
o fix module paramater permissions in radeon_base.c
o USB: fix bug in acm's open function

Harald Welte:
o [NETFILTER]: ipt_hashlimit rule load time race condition

Hideaki Yoshifuji:
o add sysctl helper functions to provide milliseconds-based
o [IPV4] Use appropriate sysctl helpers for gc_min_interval_ms
o [IPV6]: Unregister per-device snmp6 proc entry earlier

Jens Axboe:
o [PATCH] Fix bounced bio and dm panic

Kenji Kaneshige:
o [IA64] pci_irq.c: need signed variable to handle error return from

Linus Torvalds:
o Fix possible pty line discipline race
o Properly limit keyboard keycodes to KEY_MAX
o Make pipe "poll()" take direction of pipe into account
o Linux 2.6.11

Nishanth Aravamudan:
o [PKTGEN]: Replace interruptible_sleep_on_timeout()

Olaf Hering:
o Fix incorrect __init on 'modedb[]' array

Patrick McHardy:
o [NETFILTER]: Prevent NAT from seeing fragments

Randy Dunlap:
o [ide] make 1-bit fields unsigned
o srat: initdata section references
o sound/oss/aedsp16: init/exit section cleanups
o sonicvibes: fix initdata references
o sound/oss/opl3as2: fix init section reference
o isdn: use __init for ICCVersion()
o dc395x: fix section references
o hp100: fix section references
o rrunner: fix section references

Robert Olsson:
o [PKTGEN]: reduce stack usage

Russell King:
o [ARM] Fix dma_mmap() size argument

Sascha Hauer:
o [ARM PATCH] 2496/1: i.MX DMA fix
o [ARM PATCH] 2497/1: i.MX pll decode

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