Re: [OT] German court says the GPL is effective

From: Matthias Andree
Date: Fri Jul 23 2004 - 18:03:02 EST

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> I know this is off-topic, but a court in my home town Munich has decided
> that a cease and desist letter Harald Welte sent to a router producer
> (Sitecom) who used netfilter/iptables in his router but didn't publish
> the sources of the firmware with a penalty of up to 100 000 Euro is
> valid (a German version of the decision of the three judges is at [1]).
> It's quite nice to hear that a court has decided that the GPL is
> enforceable under German law.
> [1]

Has this verdict become final yet?

Matthias Andree

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