Re: [PATCH] Delete cryptoloop

From: Walter Hofmann
Date: Fri Jul 23 2004 - 07:36:48 EST

You wrote on linux.kernel:
> dpf-lkml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hopefully someone else will follow up, but I hope I'm somewhat convincing:
> Not really ;)
> Your points can be simplified to "I don't use cryptoloop, but someone else
> might" and "we shouldn't do this in a stable kernel".
> Well, I want to hear from "someone else". If removing cryptoloop will
> irritate five people, well, sorry. If it's 5,000 people, well maybe not.

I use cryptoloop and I would be really annoyed if it disappeared in
the stable kernel series. Besides, I read in another mail in this thread
that dm-crypt will not work with file-based storage (I'm using
cryptoloop on a file), and that it is new and potentially buggy.

I'm really surprised that people here argue that dm-crypt doesn't get
enough testing so cryptoloop has to go to force people to test dm-crypt
with their valuable data. This is all upside-down. First dm-crypt has to
be stable, safe and feature-complete, then people can convert their data
to dm-crypt and only then can cryptoloop be deleted.

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