Re: User-space Keyboard input?

From: Marcel Holtmann
Date: Fri Jul 23 2004 - 05:55:19 EST

Hi Mario,

> I'm working on BRLTTY[1], a user-space daemon which handles braille displays
> on UNIX platforms. One of our display drivers recently gained the ability
> to receive (set 2) scancodes from a keyboard connected directly to the display.
> This is a very cool feature, since the display in question has
> a bluetooth interface, making it effectively into a complete wireless
> terminal (input and output through the same connection).

tell me more about this Bluetooth device.

> However, this creates some problems. First of all, we now have to deal
> with keyboard layouts. Additionally, since we currently insert via
> TIOCSTI I think this might get problematic as soon as one switches
> to an X Windows console and modifiers come into play.
> Does anyone know (and can point me into the right direction) if
> Linux has some mechanism to allow for user-space keyboard data to
> be processed by the kernel as if it were received from the system
> keyboard? I.e., keyboard layout would be handled by the same
> mapping which is configured for the system.

Take a look at the user level driver support (uinput).



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