Re: case-sensitive file names during build

From: Pragnesh Sampat
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 23:40:51 EST

On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 19:26, Pragnesh Sampat wrote:
> OK, here they are. I applied them against 2.6.6 and can regen them if
> needed against current -mm. Also note that If you are using 2.6
> versions earlier than 2.6.4, you will probably need 2-3 patches more.
> (These were generated by various people here at TimeSys and modified for
> different versions.)

OK, I kept thinking there was more to it ... I am not sure if loadkeys
program is always needed or not (depends on CONFIG), but I remember
seeing a binary loadkeys was used, so that may be an issue. I am not
sure if newer versions of cygwin come with loadkeys or how easy it is to
build one for cygwin. The other thing I remember was a missing elf.h
file on cygwin. I think with

- loadkeys (not a kernel patch)
- missing elf.h (IIRC) (not a kernel patch)
- kconfig shared library patch (from Dan's link)
- and the patches sent earlier

some platforms should see a full build (for >= 2.6.4). Sometimes there
are problems in arch/<xxx>/Makefile that you will see only if you build
for a particular board/platform, so there will always be a few lurking.
>From what I can tell, these seem to fall under types or simple Makefile
fixes, so might be easy to spot.

I can't easily do any testing for the next few days since I don't have a
setup right now, but might be able to sometime next week.


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