Re: raidstart used deprecated START_ARRAY ioctl

From: Neil Brown
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 22:12:29 EST

On Friday July 9, norberto+linux-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > This is done by set the partition type of all partitions that
> > contain part of an MD array to "Linux Raid Autodetect" (0xFD).
> > Then all arrays are found and assembled at boot time.
> > This requires having all of md (that you need) compiled into the
> > kernel, not as modules.
> Did I get that right? Can I get rid of raidstart and the array will be
> "assembled by the kernel"?

Yes. If all the components of the arrays are in partitions with type
0xFD, and the md driver and raid personalities are compiled into the
kernel (not modules), then the kernel will automatically start the
arrays for you.

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