Re: [PATCH] prelim ACPI support for aic7xxx

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 21:59:44 EST


> This patch (against arjanv's latest kernel, but should apply to
> 2.6.8-rc) is still a little messy and NOT ready to go into the mainline
> kernel... Luben hasn't seen it yet (Hi Luben!), so the usual disclaimers
> apply. But it's time to get some more eyes on it. The good news is it
> works, the bad news is there is no support for error recovery during
> those few seconds when the bus is setttling and hard disk is powering up
> after a resume. (Need suggestions on how best to attack that part, I
> really don't know anything about SCSI...) It works, after a few
> residuals if your filesystems are mounted read-only, however. If you are
> mounted read-write then you will get aborted commands, ext3 will
> complain, and remount your fs read-only until you reboot. To avoid this,
> remount read-only, suspend/resume, then remount read-write manually
> after everything starts working.

If ou are playing with this kind of stuff, I suggest you to use ext2
(not ext3) or at least fsck *very* often.
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