Re: voluntary-preempt I0: sluggish feel

From: Rudo Thomas
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 13:33:22 EST

> > Oh, sorry for the noise. It was the NVIDIA driver. The open one works
> > much better with the I0 patch.
> i can reproduce this and i dont have the NVIDIA driver. When logging in
> over the network then shell output is chunky with a setting of 2
> (softirq redirection), shell output is smooth with a value of 1.

(Yes, you are right. The bad binary driver just makes it more visible.)

With untainted kernel, I was able to make xmms skip simply by switching virtual
desktops quickly enough.

When ksoftirqd was reniced to zero, it seems to perform fine (at "2" setting).

I would like to ask whether I should do this. Or is it just the other way round
- renicing the ksoftirqd thread "kills" the effect of deferred processing?


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