Re: large, spurious[?] TSC skews on AMD 760MPX boards

From: Will S.
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 12:32:00 EST

Monty wrote:

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Hello folks,

short background:

Ever since getting my first dual Athlon, the system timer was 'not
quite right' when running at stock speed. Selects, alarms, etc, had a
strange way of firing fractions of a second or several seconds 'too
late'. I discovered that overclocking by about 10% made the problem
magically go away. I've never been entirely comfortable doing that,
but three dual athlons later (all 760MPX-B2 based boards of different
makes), it was always the only way to make the problem disappear and I
didn't think more about it.

Now that I'm on #3, it is not stable at the overclock I need to make
the system timer problem disappear, so I finally started hunting for
the cause. Whenever I run the system stock, I see:

Jul 20 21:48:26 Snotfish kernel: checking TSC synchronization across CPUs: Jul 20 21:48:26 Snotfish kernel: BIOS BUG: CPU#0 improperly initialized, has 6282588 usecs TSC skew! FIXED.
Jul 20 21:48:26 Snotfish kernel: BIOS BUG: CPU#1 improperly initialized, has -6282588 usecs TSC skew! FIXED.

When the system is running 'properly', that is to say, overclocked:

Jul 21 22:08:01 Snotfish kernel: checking TSC synchronization across CPUs: passed.

This behavior is reproducable on all three of my 760MPX systems (One
Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW-P, and two MSI K7D Master-L). The amount of the
reported skew varies in the stock case, but it's always large. Note
that once in a blue moon, the system will come up with no TSC skew at
stock timings, and the system timer issues seem to disappear.

What is the proper route to go about debugging this problem, as I have
it bottled up here in a reproducability cage?

I'm attaching the syslog from a 'bad' and a 'good' boot (the good boot
manufactured from a multiplier/FSB combo that AMD would not approve
of) as well as /proc/cpu info from this 'good' boot.

(BTW, these are true and correct Athlon MPs; no cheapo XP-modding
going on here. Also, all motherboards in question are running most
recent BIOSes and officially support the CPUs they're using. The K7Ds
are using MP2400s, the Gigabyte is running MP2800s)


I'm seeing a similar problem on some very different hardware. ECS P6LX2-A slot 1 motherboard, matched pair of Pentium-II 333s. This ECS board has been reported to work perfectly since something like 2.1.38, although it has a lazy BIOS that doesn't initialize the second CPU.

2.6 kernels show +-7 usecs TSC skew and exhibit very jumpy timers, while 2.4 kernels are OK and show matched TSCs. I have no idea where to start, as the system is working perfectly otherwise (it's stable with either kernel series). Every 10 seconds or so the timers go haywire. Overclocking which mysteriously gets rid of your problem doesn't work for me, my system doesn't POST at a ~3% speed bump (which is the smallest I can do), and my CPUs are multiplier-locked.

Kernel bug? If anyone would like me to trace anything, go ahead and ask, it's not a production system by all means (read: toy at home).

-- Will S.
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