Re: [OT] Belkin Bluetooth Access Point GPL violation

From: Kyle Moffett
Date: Mon Jul 19 2004 - 20:16:54 EST

On Jul 09, 2004, at 20:34, Robert Lowery wrote:
Would any one on the list be interested in taking this further?

I managed to obtain some sources, I can't tell immediately how complete
they are, but they do seem to incorporate some BlueTooth stuff. A tarball
is available at Thanks to
Mike Conrad at RovingNetworks for providing the sources without much

I believe that all of these are under GPL, but please confirm before you
assume so by looking through the sources yourself.

NOTE: Mike said that it is _very_ easy to completely bork your wireless
access point if you try to upgrade its kernel. It _doesn't_ have a flash
ROM that can be removed for reprogramming, so BE CAREFUL. I am
personally most interested in their BlueTooth stack and other non-2.0
stuff. It might be useless to us, but there's probably somebody that
would find it handy.

Kyle Moffett

Version: 3.12
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