2.6 kernel won't reboot on AMD system

From: David N. Welton
Date: Mon Jul 19 2004 - 08:18:02 EST

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Before you hit 'reply', no, I'm not talking about the machine not getting past the BIOS check complaining that there is no keyboard present.

Kernel 2.6.7

model name : AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2400+

motherboard: http://www.ecsusa.com/products/km400-m2.html

... not sure what else might be useful... apci=off added to boot options. Preemptive kernel.

In any case, the machine in question does not reboot. I traced the problem down to the mach_reboot but it doesn't get past those assembly instructions. Things do seem to work alright if a keyboard is installed. Otherwise, the machine just sits there, no longer responsive to pings or anything else.

This appears to be a somewhat common problem, as I found several other posters discussing it:



any ideas on what parts of the kernel to look at in order to determine what is causing this?

David N. Welton
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