Re: [0/25] Merge pmdisk and swsusp

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun Jul 18 2004 - 17:05:09 EST


> In the end, these patches remove pmdisk from the kernel and clean up the
> swsusp code base. The result is a single code base with greatly improved
> code, that will hopefully help others underestand it better.

Thanks a lot for the patches.

> Please pull from
> bk://

Unfortuanetly I can't just pull (I'm not allowed to use bitkeeper). I
could roll them into one big patch and then push them to akpm on my
own, but that would loose history :-(.

Patches #1 .. #4 are trivial enough to go in as soon as you want. I'd
prefer the rest of the patches to be tested in -mmX kernels a bit (for
a testing and so that I can do x86-64 support).. Comments to specific
patches follow.


> <mochel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (04/07/17 1.1846)
> [Power Mgmt] Share variables between pmdisk and swsusp.
> - In pmdisk, change pm_pagedir_nosave back to pagedir_nosave, and
> pmdisk_pages back to nr_copy_pages.
> - Mark them, and other page count/pagedir variables extern.
> - Make sure they're not static in swsusp.
> - Remove mention from include/linux/suspend.h, since no one else needs them.
> <mochel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (04/07/17 1.1845)
> [Power Mgmt] Remove more duplicate code from pmdisk.
> - Use read_swapfiles() in swsusp and rename to swsusp_swap_check().
> - Use lock_swapdevices() in swsusp and rename to swsusp_swap_lock().
> <mochel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (04/07/17 1.1844)
> [Power Mgmt] Remove duplicate relocate_pagedir() from pmdisk.
> - Expose and use version in swsusp.
> <mochel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (04/07/17 1.1843)
> [Power Mgmt] Make pmdisk dependent on swsusp.

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