Filesystem corruption 1,800,000 inodes and counting

From: Brian Litzinger
Date: Sun Jul 18 2004 - 12:07:34 EST

Sorry to double post. The machine that is down processes most of my
email. However,
this account works.

A machine froze after 30 days uptime. After reboot, it fell out of
fsck with an unrecoverable

I ran fsck -C -y /dev/md1. At 73% it starting reporting

Unattached inode 250143
Connect to /lost+found? yes

Inode 1815609 ref count is 2, should be 1. Fix? yes

It has gone from 250143 to 1815610 doing this over the last 36 hours.

And so far as I know will do on doing this forever?

Linux 2.4.25 untainted. ext2 filesystem (no journaling).

Any advice on how I should proceed?
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