ide-cs using 100% CPU

From: Hamie
Date: Sun Jul 18 2004 - 04:36:03 EST

I have a thinkpad r50p, 1.6GHz CPU, 512MB memory running kernel 2.6.7-mm4 (Also tried 2.6.7, 2.6.6, 2.6.4 and a few others).

When reading from CF card (using ide-cs) the system is really stodgy and consumes 100% CPU. Almost all of it waitIO according to top...

Now it's not the fact that I get lots of waitIO, but AFAIUI if a system uses truckloads of waitIO, that should just mean that the system is idle but there's some IO going on & a process is waiting for it to complete (e.g. the way AIX does it).

Other processes should still be able to get CPU without any problems, but my experience is that under Linux if waitio is due to reading the CF card, the system essentially stops... The mouse still moves (Under X), but... unwillingly... Jerking around all over the place...

Anyone know why this happens? Something busy waiting? (BUt that should show as system cpu right?) or something taking out really long locks?
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