[1/25] Merge pmdisk and swsusp

From: Patrick Mochel
Date: Sat Jul 17 2004 - 17:37:47 EST

ChangeSet 1.1843, 2004/07/17 09:01:18-07:00, mochel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

[Power Mgmt] Make pmdisk dependent on swsusp.

kernel/power/Kconfig | 23 +++++++----------------
1 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)

diff -Nru a/kernel/power/Kconfig b/kernel/power/Kconfig
--- a/kernel/power/Kconfig 2004-07-17 14:51:56 -07:00
+++ b/kernel/power/Kconfig 2004-07-17 14:51:56 -07:00
@@ -43,25 +43,16 @@
For more information take a look at Documentation/power/swsusp.txt.

config PM_DISK
- bool "Suspend-to-Disk Support"
- depends on PM && SWAP && X86 && !X86_64
+ bool "PMDisk Support"
+ depends on SOFTWARE_SUSPEND && X86 && !X86_64
- Suspend-to-disk is a power management state in which the contents
- of memory are stored on disk and the entire system is shut down or
- put into a low-power state (e.g. ACPI S4). When the computer is
- turned back on, the stored image is loaded from disk and execution
- resumes from where it left off before suspending.

- This config option enables the core infrastructure necessary to
- perform the suspend and resume transition.
+ This option enables an alternative implementation of Suspend-to-Disk.
+ It is functionally equivalent to Software Suspend, and uses many of
+ the same internal routines. But, it offers a slightly different
+ interface.

- Currently, this suspend-to-disk implementation is based on a forked
- version of the swsusp code base. As such, it's still experimental,
- and still relies on CONFIG_SWAP.
- More information can be found in Documentation/power/.
- If unsure, Say N.
+ If unsure, Say N.

string "Default resume partition"
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