Davicom DM9102AF card working only at 10 Mbps

From: Jean Francois Martinez
Date: Sat Jul 17 2004 - 08:22:57 EST

I have an ethernet card with a DM9102AF chip. It only works at 10 Mbps.

More precisely by using etheral on another box I see the frames it is
sending but it seems unable to catch the replies. If I configure it
to transmit at 10 Mbps then it works.

It happens both with 2.4 and 2.6 kernels.

The computer with the Davicom card is linked to the network through
a switch. The particualr cable and switch's port have worked
perfectly with other cards. Same thing for the network config;

Could be a thing about failing negotiation with the switch
(as I saids the switch has worked perfectly with other cards).
Now the question is if negotiation is a hardware thing and there
is nothing to be done or a driver thing and then it should be

I have tried to link the card directly to another computer through a
crossed cable. It worked but
I haven't checked at what speed the cards agreed to work.

I have tried the card in several computers: K6 with VIA chipset, PIII
with VIA chipset, P4 with Intel chipset. Same results everywhere: card
doesn't work at 100 Mbps only at 10 Mbps

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