Re: [PATCH] Slowly update in-kernel orinoco drivers to upstream current CVS

From: Francois Romieu
Date: Sat Jul 17 2004 - 06:54:01 EST

David Gibson <hermes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> :
> I've started to have a look at the patches. Unfortunately, they're
> still not really as logically separated as they should be. Which I

Point taken. Thanks for the review/comment.

> guess means I wasn't sufficiently disciplined putting them into CVS in
> the first place.

Not at all. It is simply due to the fact that
- I started working on the giant diff;
- patch-scripts (TM) is not too bad to rework (insert/split) patches so
I do not try to make the patches perfect from the start.

If there is a specfic tag in the cvs tree which is supposed to be synced
with the kernel tree at a given time, it could make my life easier though.

> I've started working on my own series of logical patches, starting
> with, as you say the "content free" ones first. Initial set with
> series file at

orinoco-rearrange apart, they look nice.

Minor nit:
--- working-2.6.orig/drivers/net/wireless/orinoco.c
+++ working-2.6/drivers/net/wireless/orinoco.c
@@ -2327,7 +2327,7 @@
priv = netdev_priv(dev);
priv->ndev = dev;
if (sizeof_card)
- priv->card = (void *)((unsigned long)dev->priv + sizeof(struct orinoco_private));
+ priv->card = (void *)((unsigned long)netdev_priv(dev) + sizeof(struct orinoco_private));

-> I'd simply turn 'dev->priv' into 'priv'.

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