From: Nick Piggin
Date: Sat Jul 17 2004 - 00:24:45 EST


Now that I finally a highmem system, I've been able to make some progress
on the memory management chaneges. Still needs more work though. Feedback
would be nice if anyone is testing.

Scheduler behaviour is generally pretty good now so I've increased the
timeslice size to see how far I can push it. Some workloads really demand
small timeslices though, so I've added /proc/sys/kernel/base_timeslice.
If you have any problems with the default, please report it to me, and
check if lowering this value helps.

Things are working alright on my desktop with base_timeslice at 10000
which corresponds to around 15-20 *second* timeslices, however I don't
do much fancy, and it does have the problem of a newly forked CPU hog
possibly causing a long freeze (fixable by using a smaller value for
the first timeslice).

The -mm version of my patch also removes that kernel's dried gastropod
simulator for 2GB+ systems.

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