Re: [PATCH] pmac_zilog: insert correct failure path for devicenumbers being taken

From: Albert Cahalan
Date: Fri Jul 16 2004 - 22:34:40 EST

> I'll talk to him at KS/OLS and see if we can come up with
> some solution, this is actually a regression since 2.4
> could "offset" macserial, so we could accomodate, for
> example, a driver for a pcmcia modem _and_ the zilog ports.

That's the wrong way around. The zilog ports are always
there, and thus could have stable numbers. The PCMCIA
ports can not have stable numbers; they might be gone even.

In general, the platform-specific (motherboard, generally)
ports should get to grab device numbers first. Anthing
connected by a normally hot-plug bus goes last. Plain PCI
is in the middle, because PCI cards are occasionally moved.

For a PC, serial ports hanging off the motherboard's LPC bus
(what amounts to built-in ISA) should go before serial ports
that might be on normal PCI cards, which in turn go before
those on PCMCIA.

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