observations of swsusp and s3

From: John M Flinchbaugh
Date: Fri Jul 16 2004 - 07:02:05 EST

1. using kernel 2.6.7 on my dell inspiron 3800, i've noticed that the
clock that assigns start times to processes is running behind, and i
suspect it could have something to do with having suspended (s4) the

john@density:~$ date
Fri Jul 16 07:42:29 EDT 2004
john@density:~$ ps u | grep ps
john 4194 0.0 0.2 2528 848 pts/11 R+ Jul15 0:00 ps u
john 4195 0.0 0.1 1576 460 pts/11 S+ Jul15 0:00 grep ps

2. swsusp will fail to get free enough space if laptop_mode is
enabled. disabling laptop_mode (in /proc/sys) before s4
suspending allows it to work. i was pretty sure it should have
worked, since i only have 384M ram and i saw 600M swap free.

3. when swsusp was broken, i found that s3 actually worked for
the most part. my script switches from my x session on vt7 to
vt12, suspends, and when it resumes, i have it chvt back to 12.
this enabled the display again nicely. if i try to switch to a
console login (vt1-6), they're completely black. closing the
lcd lid and reopening it turns it back on, so it's _really_
close to functioning nicely.

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