New mobo question

From: Gene Heskett
Date: Fri Jul 16 2004 - 04:53:40 EST


I've ordered a new mobo as I'm having what appears to be data bus
problems with this one after a rather spectacular failure of a
gforce2 video card, memtest86 says I have a lot of errors where
00000020 was written, but 00000000 came back, at semi-random
locations scattered thoughout half a gig of dimms running at half
their rated DDR266 speed. The last nibble of the address is always
zero, and the next nibble is always even.

The new mobo is nforce2 based, a Biostar M7NCD-PRO, and will have a
gig of memory.

Is there a way to prebuild a kernel that will run on both boards?,
this older board is a VIA82686/VIA8233 based board, a Biostar M7VIB.

I don't run an initrd normally.

Cheers, Gene
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