Re: Promise SATA driver GPL'd

From: dacin (
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 19:14:58 EST

Andre Hedrick wrote:

>Don't "FEEL" cause I do not give a damn about what people "FEEL".
>Don't "SHARE", cause it is usually followed by "FEELINGS".
>I do have an interest in what people "think", and can use for logical
>The moment anyone goes to "because I feel" or "just because I", they can
>no longer think.
 And this is a thought in itself, umm would like to know, is there
anything that can be expressed
 consciousely/un-consciousley without being a thought first. Guess my
thought telling me that I am
 guessing that I am thinking about my thoughts driven by this thread for
now :-)

>If you want to "SHARE" something, how about a "doughnut", but keep your
>feelings to yourself and express thoughts. Thoughts on how to protect and
>defend the ideas of the OSC are good. Your compasion subjected "on" me
>refusing to yield to your "feel good" crap, don't need it. Return to
 Hmm share or *satisfication* of the animal ego inside a breed known as
human, who also act clumsy most
 of the times.

watching the unseen.

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