Re: [2.4.21] bluez/usb-ohci bulk_msg timeout

From: Max Krasnyansky (
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 16:08:25 EST

At 07:20 AM 7/23/2003, Florian Lohoff wrote:
>On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 10:06:19AM -0700, Max Krasnyansky wrote:
>> At 10:32 AM 7/18/2003, Florian Lohoff wrote:
>> >Hi,
>> >since 2.4.21 + mh2 bluez patch i am seeing these errors. 2.4.20 + mh7
>> >bluez patch did not show these errors. Results are very instable
>> >Bluetooth connections.
>> Those errors don't seem to be related to the driver update. But you could
>> try this. In drivers/bluetooth/hci_usb.h set HCI_MAX_BULK_TX define to 1 (instead of 4)
>> and rebuild the module. Does it make any difference ?
>Doesnt help at all - So the OHCI changes are to blame ?
Probably. Could try the prev revision of the HCI USB driver though. ie The one without SCO
support. Just copy hci_usb.[ch] over from older kernel and see if it works with newer OHCI.


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