2.6.0-test1 and SiS based laptop, patch included

From: GaŽl Le Mignot (kilobug@freesurf.fr)
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 12:43:49 EST


I've tested the 2.6.0-test1 (and -ac1 too) kernels on my both
computers (an Athlon desktop computer, and a SiS-based Celeron
laptop). I don't have any critical problem to report.

The SiS DRM modules are not available by default, and need a very
small patch to compile. Attached with this mail is a patch that makes
it work. With this patch, Tuxracer works fine on my computer, and
glxgears gives me even a better frame rate than with the 2.4 kernel
(XFree 4.3 from Debian IPv6).

I've a small bug to report on SiS framebuffer (compiled in the kernel,
not in module, I like the small Tux at boot time :p): if I force the
resolution to 1024x768 using the kernel command line, then an area of
the screen (I think it's 80x25 characters) is white instead of black
by default.

While I'm writing, I've a small question: is there a driver from
Prism2 PCMCIA wireless cards available somewhere ? linux-wlan-ng
doesn't compile (linux/modversions.h: no such file or directory), and
there is no built-in driver either. This is the only thing stopping me
from using 2.6 as my default kernel on this computer.

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