Re: 2.6.0-test1: CPUFreq not working, can't find sysfs interface

From: Dominik Brodowski (
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 11:36:20 EST

On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 04:53:52PM +0200, wrote:
> > Well, you could try using the PST which mostly matches your system except
> > the CPUID [PST #12, see below] -- if the values used are similar to the ones
> > Windows XP uses. But this might be risky!!!
> >
> I think you know a bit more about these matters than me, so please allow me this
> question:
> How much risk do you think that would be (with the usual 'you are not responible
> for any damages' stuff as usual) to just use that entry? At with the performance
> governour it is exactly the same as displayed as currently by x86info so that
> shouldn't be a problem. Do you think that lower frequencies and voltages can
> kill the processor? [I can cope with instabilities]

I really can't answer on that as I do neither know the hardware nor the BIOS
implementation well enough. Sorry.
BTW, it's no surprise that the x86info and cpufreq output are the same --
they use the same code. It'd be more interesting if Window$ uses the same
values [just mentioning it as you said PowerNow works on it, so....]

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