Re: Promise SATA driver GPL'd

From: Mark Watts (
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 08:20:28 EST

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> On Tue Jul 22, 2003 at 02:54:43PM -0400, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> > Bart, Alan, and I have been looking at this. It uses the ancient CAM
> > model, that we don't really want to merge directly in the kernel. It's
> > very close to the libata model, from the user perspective, so life is
> > good.
> I was reading over your libata driver yesterday. Certainly a lot
> cleaner than the cam stuff IMHO. Given the info made available
> via the Promise driver, I expect that I could get an initial
> libata host adaptor driver hacked together in short order. After
> all, the Intel one is just 400 lines. So unless you (or anyone
> else) have already started or would prefer to do the honors,
> I'll try to hack something together this evening,
> -Erik

Oooh Oooh!!!!

I have an onboard Promise SATA chip - the 30276 (its on an MSI KT4A Ultra
board), which gives me two SATA and one PATA ports (only use 2 at a time)...

If you want someone to test... I can slap a PATA drive onto the PATA port,
but I've been holding off getting any SATA drives until I can use them under
linux, although I'm running out of drive space so this is quite timely... :)



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