Re: 2.6: marking individual directories as synchronous?

From: Carl Spalletta (
Date: Tue Jul 22 2003 - 13:57:18 EST

Here is further info on the use of IS_DIRSYNC in ext2.

ext2_alloc_branch() is used only in the O_DIRECT path.
ext2_commit_chunk() is called indirectly in the following paths, which provide
functionality comparable to that of ext3:

[linux-2.6.0-test1]$ fscope -func=ext2_commit_chunk

ext2_commit_chunk ext2_add_link ext2_add_nondir ext2_create
ext2_commit_chunk ext2_add_link ext2_add_nondir ext2_link
ext2_commit_chunk ext2_add_link ext2_add_nondir ext2_mknod
ext2_commit_chunk ext2_add_link ext2_add_nondir ext2_symlink
ext2_commit_chunk ext2_add_link ext2_mkdir
ext2_commit_chunk ext2_add_link ext2_rename
ext2_commit_chunk ext2_delete_entry ext2_rename
ext2_commit_chunk ext2_delete_entry ext2_unlink ext2_rmdir
ext2_commit_chunk ext2_make_empty ext2_mkdir
ext2_commit_chunk ext2_set_link ext2_rename


items 1-4 rotated:
ext2_create ext2_link ext2_mknod ext2_symlink
ext2_add_nondir ext2_add_nondir ext2_add_nondir ext2_add_nondir
ext2_add_link ext2_add_link ext2_add_link ext2_add_link
ext2_commit_chunk ext2_commit_chunk ext2_commit_chunk ext2_commit_chunk

items 5-8 rotated:
(null) (null) (null) ext2_rmdir
ext2_mkdir ext2_rename ext2_rename ext2_unlink
ext2_add_link ext2_add_link ext2_delete_entry ext2_delete_entry
ext2_commit_chunk ext2_commit_chunk ext2_commit_chunk ext2_commit_chunk

items 9-10 rotated:
ext2_mkdir ext2_rename
ext2_make_empty ext2_set_link
ext2_commit_chunk ext2_commit_chunk

(See this list for tool 'fscope'.)


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