Re: [Patch] Non-ASCII chars in visor.c messages

From: Jan Kasprzak (
Date: Tue Jul 22 2003 - 08:09:42 EST

Greg KH wrote:
: >
: > What do you think about it?
: I don't think it's really needed. Why change this, syslog can't handle
: this? It works for me...
        Yes, syslog can handle this, but in order to parse syslog files
you should have your LC_CTYPE set to something Latin-1 compatible
(which UTF-8 is not, and it is the default on many distros).

        Why Latin-1 and not UTF-8? I think UTF-8 is more "correct", while
ASCII is "works for all". Latin-1 is neither "correct" nor "works for all".



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