Re: CPU Lockup with 2.4.21 and 2.4.22-pre

From: Michael Troß (
Date: Tue Jul 22 2003 - 07:55:05 EST

Am Die, 2003-07-22 um 13.51 schrieb Udo A. Steinberg:

> Note that the fddi patch includes a patch you've previously sent me, which
> isn't present in the driver on your website.

As you might know, the Compu-Shack fddi products reached end-of-life
last year.

> If you need more information, let me know. Also if you have any tips or
> patches that would help in debugging the issue, I'm happy to try them.

As I can't locate the code sequence in my driver module, please check it
with your compiled kernel:
  objdump -d vmlinux | grep -A 20 "7e f5" | grep csfddi
or module:
  hexdump -e '32/1 "%02x " "\n"' csf.o | grep "7e f5 e9 e8"
Do you get a result like the code line from your oops, which eip is
referring to?

> MT> What makes you believe this? There is no matching code sequence like the
> MT> one from your dump in the driver, to be exact: in a driver compiled with
> MT> gcc 3.3 and kernel 2.4.21.
> The fact that the backtrace in the decoded oops looks like the lockup
> happened in the fddi driver led me to the conclusion that this may be
> the culprit.

But you got two different decoding results, didn't you ?!

> Regards,
> -Udo.


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