Re: hid: ctrl urb status -75?

From: Randy.Dunlap (
Date: Mon Jul 21 2003 - 20:53:35 EST

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003 21:43:45 -0400 Matthew Harrell <> wrote:

| : include/asm-generic/errno.h says that 75 is EOVERFLOW.
| : Now look in Documentation/usb/error-codes.txt and it says that
| : EOVERFLOW is used for:
| : -EOVERFLOW (*) The amount of data returned by the endpoint was
| : greater than either the max packet size of the
| : endpoint or the remaining buffer size. "Babble".
| :
| : The device returned too much data.
| : See whichever host controller driver you are using for details.
| Strange. Thanks. For some reason I was thinking those error codes returned
| by the driver were more specific to it. I see where the message is generated
| and now just need to figure out what the deal is with it here. It works fine
| under at least two other OSes so I know the keyboard works.

Well, there could be unknown workarounds or there could be some
corner case(s) that linux-usb doesn't quite handle, so good luck
on it. Is source code available for either of the other working

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