Re: 2.4.21 IDE problems (lost interrupt, bad DMA status)

From: Ronald Wahl (
Date: Mon Jul 21 2003 - 16:57:58 EST

Herbert Xu wrote:
> joe briggs <> wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me what the -ac patches do with respect to this problem?
> > Also, what functionality is lost when CONFIG_X86_IO_APIC is not set, and
> > should it improve this hd timeout/lost interrupt problem?

> It fixes the problem where interrupts are lost when the relevant IRQ line
> is disabled.

I have 3 questions regarding this issue:

1. Can you explain the problem a little bit more in detail?

2. Is there a dedicated patch solving this issue? (I don't want to
   apply the complete -ac patch )

3. Will this patch be in 2.4.22?

Thx & regards,

PS: Sorry if this mail is not part of the origin thread. I'm not on the
    list and read about the problem in a mailing list archive.
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