Re: 2.6.0: characters repeated when *pasting*?!

From: Charles Lepple (
Date: Mon Jul 21 2003 - 14:55:34 EST

Pavel Machek said:
> Hi!
>> > I copied text (using gpm), pasted it to emacs (right
>> > mouse button) in another console and it came out as
>> > That looks extremely weird and suggests that
>> > repeated characters are indeed software problem.
>> >
>> > Its not reproducible, and nothing interesting in logs :-(.
>> Hmmm, are you sure you hadn't pressed meta-6 before pasting it in?
> I can't be sure... I do not think I pressed that, but it certainly is
> possible that I wanted to switch consoles and pressed that by mistake.

you can use "C-h l" (or "F1 l") next time to see emacs' idea of the last
few keystrokes. I'm guessing it was meta-6 or ctrl-u (if it was only four

Charles Lepple <>
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