Re: [BUG REPORT 2.6.0] cisco airo_cs scheduling while atomic

From: Georg Nikodym (
Date: Mon Jul 21 2003 - 12:15:47 EST

On 19 Jul 2003 22:58:57 +1000
Sven Dowideit <> wrote:

> @@ -4838,7 +4850,7 @@
> readCapabilityRid(local, &cap_rid);
> dwrq->length = sizeof(struct iw_range);
> - memset(range, 0, sizeof(*range));
> + memset(range, 0, sizeof(range));
> range->min_nwid = 0x0000;
> range->max_nwid = 0x0000;
> range->num_channels = 14;

I suspect that this part of the patch to airo.c is incorrect. The
intent seems to be to clear a section of memory pointed to by range that
contains (or will soon contain) a struct iw_range. The sizeof(*range)
is equivalent of the sizeof(struct iw_range) above. The patch reduces
the size of the memset to the size of the pointer (which I'm assuming is
smaller than the structure [/me goes and looks]).

Of course, the range pointer is derived from the char *extra
parameter... this could mean that we're actually getting a pre-filled
iw_range and the memset is only supposed to clear the first member. If
that's the case, I would hope that the author could come up with a
cleaner way of expressing that.


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